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LITIO2 3D plane trim

Cutting 3D sheet metal objects with a plane

Do you need to make a development of a cylindrical [it could be also conical, elliptic, or any transition] tank, cut by a plane to get an oblique base?.

That is, do you need to get the shape of the internal partition walls of the fuel tank or of its ends?

Or do you need to get the unfolded devolepment of object section?

Most sheet metal programs have extensive libraries for such patterns, but you are still tied up to the available ones.

With LITIO 2.0 you can make this with just some clicks.

3D plane trim - How to:

Usually, such patterns are defined with a dialogue, but sometimes it is easier to get them directly from the transition [or cylinder] and use a virtual plane to make the 'cuts'. Just click the 3D object and afterwards click the 3 points that define the cutting plane.

Note, that these points [to define a valid plane] shall not be coincident nor aligned.

First choose the object to 3D Plane TRIM

After starting LITIO2, and picking the 3D object and defining the 3 valid points, you get the cut 3D object and its development, and you also get the 3D cutting path [a.k.a., the lid or partition wall]. Then, align it into the Z=0 plane, and you can get your cover or bottom plate of a tank, or its partition walls.

Note: This pattern does not work with AutoCAD 3D solids.

You get th trimmed 3D object,
and its developement and contour.

This is as easy as making 4 clicks [1 for the 3D object and 3 for the plane-defining points]!.

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