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Sheet metal add-ons for AutoCAD, GStarCAD, ZwCAD and BricsCAD

LITIO 2.0 sheet metal

an add-on for AutoCAD, GStarCAD, ZwCAD and BricsCAD [and cadmate]

Do you need to manufacture sheet metal transitions, cones, pipes, leader & branches, Ys, bends, etc.?

LITIO 2.0 is a sheet metal add-on for AutoCAD, GStarCAD, ZwCAD and BricsCAD [and cadmate], that calculates and draws the flat sheet development of ducts, rectangle-to-round transitions, cylinders, cones, pipe intersections, connections, Ys, elbows, etc.

It is very easy to use and very versatile. It is ideal for the sheet metal-processing industry: for tanks, vessels, hoppers, cyclones, dust extraction, HVAC, ducts, conveying systems, silos, piping, etc.

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We purchased the LITIO2 software some years ago. And we were using this amazing software quite a bit and it is very useful. It comes in very handy for programming our 5 axis laser. Joe Abrahams
Vaughan - Canada

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Litio 2.0 runs within AutoCAD, GStarCAD, ZwCAD and BricsCAD [and cadmate] as an add-on, pluggin program.

At the moment of the publication of this webpage, it works within:

  • AutoCAD (up to) R2023; ALL R 20XX (and Mechanical Desktop 20XX) versions; only with Windows.
  • GStarCAD 2016 onwards. Only Windows versions. Recommended: Professional version.
  • ZwCAD 2018 onwards. Only Windows versions.
  • BricsCAD 2018 onwards (BricsCAD 2018 and newer). EVEN in BricsCAD Lite (BricsCAD's 2D Drafting mode; Litio2 will also draw the 3D folded patterns). Only Windows versions.

CADMATE USERS: Preliminary tests of LITIO2 for GStarCAD within CADMATE are promising, and indicate that LITIO2 [GstarCAD version] might work withing CADMATE.

Although we have not run an extensive research yet, we encourage CADMATE user to download LITIO2 TRIAL [GstarCAD version] and make their own tests.

Your feedback would be much appreciated!


  • Litio 2.0 DOES NOT run in AutoCAD Academic, Lite, nor LT versions.
  • Litio 2.0 was not tested with GStarCAD Standard.
  • Litio 2.0 was not tested with earlier ZwCAD, and BricsCAD versions.

Please check Litio 2.0 compatibility with your CAD system (feel free to Download the FREE Trial version).

LITIO 2.0 features:

  • Create your own customized transitions with the transitions-generator engine. Just pick two polylines in your drawing's 3D space, which define the two ends of the transition, to get it unfolded.*
  • Create your customized branches. With the new 3D TRIM tool you can trim (intersect) two 3D objects to get, your personalized branches, e.g., a conical branch on an square to round transition (or any other combination).*
  • Create more patterns: we have added more dialogue boxes and new standard patterns - oblique transitions; Ys; triple Ys; helixes; "S" pipes; conical bends; bends [various possible cross sections]; more branch patterns; intersecting patterns*; free transitions*; etc.
  • Thickness: For better 3D object visualization, LITIO 2.0 drawns 3D patterns showing thickness. (for easier weld bevel preparation and overall 3D experience).
  • Cut the 3D objects you create in LITIO2.0, with a plane with the 3D plane TRIM tool. Get the resulting patterns* and the intersection POLYLINE, e.g., to make a cover of a tank.
  • Create 2D profiles: Get the developments of the most common sheet metal profiles [L, U, Z, S, J, Omega], and create your own 2D profiles: just pick a 2D Polyline, that defines a profile.
  • Language capability: Dialogues, and error and dialogue messages in different languages (adding new languages!).
  • You can choose INTERNAL, EXTERNAL or CENTER LINE [IN/MID/OUT] dimensions on both ends of transformations, independently [e.g., IN on side 1; Center line on side 2].
  • You can shoose IN/MID/OUT contact on bends, Ys or Banches.
  • Get the groove allowances for thin metal sheet seems, automatically.

* Some restrictions apply [see user manual].

LITIO 2.0 Videos

Check the following video play list. It will provide you with an overview of LITIO2 sheet metal, how to get started, the basic patterns and the advanced features.

LITIO2 is ideal for the following industry sectors:

  • HVAC,
  • heating facilities and cooling ducts,
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industries,
  • iron and steel production,
  • ventilating, filtering installations, and dust recovery systems,
  • cement plants,
  • machine and plant design,
  • vent pipes,
  • power plants,
  • utility industry,
  • ship building industry,
  • transportation systems for flour mills and transport of granulates,
  • food process engineering,
  • water filtering systems,
  • water supply,
  • de-watering,
  • pulp and paper industry,

I was looking for a program that can layout ductwork pieces quickly and easily and came across LITIO2 program. It is easy to use. Excellent value for what you get. Great program! Don Setzler
Monroe, MI - USA presence on CAD Platform's websites:

LITIO 2.0 is listed...

  • at AutoDESK's Official Applications page,
  • at GStarCAD's Applications page,
  • at ZwCAD's Applications page, AND
  • at BricsCAD's Applications page.
  • The program is ideal for a company that makes hoppers or Ys of different sizes and measures. And its price is very convenient. ... It is very easy to use: anyone with a notions of metalworking and CAD can handle it. ... I use it frequently and It always does the job for me. Alex Gamper
    Jona - Switzerland