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Free transitions
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Having trouble to find your pattern?

You are looking around for a program that can produce a certain pattern [transition] and you cannot find the one you are looking for. Most sheet metal programs have extensive libraries of transitions but you are still tied up to the available ones. But in new version 2.0 you can make your own customized patterns with just some clicks.

Generally a pattern can be defined but its boarders, that is, its both ends. For example, your transition may be defined by two polylines [either closed or opened]. Let us imagine your transition has an irregular pentagon as the base [end 1] and an oblique ellipse as the top [end 2]. It is easy to generate both in AutoCAD. Place them in AutoCAD's 3D space according to your needs.

Then you just need to start the program, select this option [Free pattern from two 3D curves], click on both entities, define some few parameters [thickness and internal fillet radius], and you get the resulting 3D developable surface [if exists] and its development.

Video available at our videos page.

Picking two valid entities

Getting developable surface
and its development.

You can create transitions just by clicking any two valid entities (either 3D meshes created by Litio 2.0; or 2D and 3D polylines; or circles, located in AutoCAD's 3D space. Note that resulting 3D objects cannot have concavities.

Note, that the following entities are not accepted: arcs [convert arcs to polylines using the PEDIT command] nor ellipses [use ellipse pattern of LITIO 2.0].)

Thus, LITIO 2.0 gives you much more transitions than the ones available through its standard dialogue boxes.

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