How to easily import x,y,z coordinate data from EXCEL to AutoCAD

Do you need to import a series of XLS coordinates points into your drawing, and draw them as a series of POINTs, LINE segments, or 2D or 3D POLYLINEs?

With LitioLAB paste XLS coordinate data into AutoCAD as entities.

Paste XLS to Points: This tool creates a 2D or 3D curve [as: a polyline, a set of points, or a set of line segments], or a 3D surface [as: a set of points, or a 3D mesh], when you paste a set of XLS [o simmilar] coordinates.

First choose the type of data [point coordinates] to enter [either 2D points - curve; 3D points - curve; or 3D points - surface].

Note: For surfaces you will also need to enter the number of N x M points.

Then, copy your XLS data [set of 2 or 3 columns], all the required range, and paste the data in your CAD’s command line. The data will be automatically catched as it got pasted.

The resulting 2D o 3D curve, or 3D surface will be drawn.

[Download will be available SOON!]