Case Studies - Videos

Quick overview and introductory tutorial.

The following is a short overview and introductory tutorial video (3':59"). It explains How to install LITIO 2.0 in a computer and how to load and run it in the current AutoCAD session.

The video shows how to change settings and configuration and deals with English (imperial) units and metric units (millimeters). Finally it shows an actual example of a pattern: parameter input and performing of actual output: 3D representation, 2D fold out development and unfolded development contour.

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LITIO2 also works within GStarCAD.

The following is a short video to welcome GStarCAD. With the cooperation of Suzhou Gstarsoft Co., Ltd we prepared the GStarCAD version of LITIO2 sheet metal software.

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How to make non-standard transitions using free transitions special feature of LITIO 2.

Types of entities that can be picked to create free transitions: 3D meshes created by Litio 2.0; or 2D and 3D polylines; or circles, located in AutoCAD's 3D space. Remember that resulting 3D objects cannot have concavities.

The following entities are not accepted: arcs [arcs need to be converted to polylines using the PEDIT command] nor ellipses [ellipse pattern of LITIO 2.0 can be used].) Transition is created.

When seam position is a concern, free transitions can be made from sectors of polylines. For entities situated on parallel Z [zet] planes, corresponding ends shall have their tangents at the same angle. For arc segments it means, that corresponding ends start or end at the same angular positions. Polylines are shown here in different colors for better understanding.

Video shows all this process and photo of actual object.

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How to make a tangent cyclone using free transitions and 3dTRIM.

First, main and branch transitions are created. Afterwards, they are trimmed to get the resulting 3D object.

Thus, the 2D contour development of the trimmer including the intersection hole, and the development of the trimmed object are created.

Video shows all this process and photos of actual object.

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