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LITIO - 3D Sheet metal software for AutoCAD

What to do after downloading [DEMO of] LITIO 2.0.

Unzipping file.

The zip file format is a compression format used to compress one or more files. Using a Zip program such as Winzip will allow you to decompress the zip file and give you access to the files within it.

To decompress a file, first you need to have a zip program.

Extract the files to the destination folder. (See Installation below or see our quick overview and introductory tutorial video [3':59"].)


The program could not run or not run properly if one or more of the following files is missing:

  • LITIO2.slb
  • LITIO2.dcl
  • LITIO2.vlx
  • LITIO2.cfg

The program is installed by simply placing all of these files in the SUPPORT directory (folder) of AutoCAD.

Note: [Only for advanced users] If you chose to create a new directory to place the files, this new directory shall be included in AutoCAD's search paths. (Refer to your AutoCAD user manual for further information).


The program is loaded by typing the following in AutoCAD's command prompt:

(load "LITIO2")¿

Note: The command syntax is important and shall be respected. The parentheses and the quotation marks shall be included; the symbol "¿ " of the crooked arrow means the "ENTER" key.


How to load LITIO2
in the current drawing session

To run the program type:


Note: The program needs to be loaded at every drawing session, in which you will use it. If you exit AutoCAD and enter again, if you open an existing drawing or you start a new drawing, and you want to use the program, you need to load it to the current drawing session.

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