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Getting mains and branches of two intersecting objects

Having trouble to find your pattern?

You are looking around for a program that can produce a certain pattern [main and branch] and you cannot find the one you are looking for? Most sheet metal programs have extensive libraries of transitions but you are still tied up to the available ones. But in new version 2.0 you can make your own customized patterns with just some clicks.

Generally such patterns are defined with a dialogue and lots of input parameters. But sometimes is easier to have its parts created as transitions, and then reoriented in 3D to match your needs. It would be just nice to can click on both the main and the branch to get the main with its hole and the branch with its new [trimmed] shape, and both developments. It is just like that. Let us see.

Then you just need to start the program, select this option [3D trim of 3d object with another 3D object], click on both entities, and you get the resulting 3D assembly, trimmed, and the patterns [including the hole on the main].

You just need to click two valid entities (3D meshes created by Litio 2.0) located in AutoCAD's 3D space, so that trimmer object completely intersect trimmed object. Note that trimmer object seam shall not be in the intersection.

Note: This pattern does not work with AutoCAD 3D solids.

Video available at our videos page.

Two 3D objects, TRIMMER and to be TRIMMED

Two 3D objects, 3D TRIMMED
TRIMMER development showing hole
TRIMMED development and contour.

Thus, LITIO 2.0 gives you much more branches than the ones available through its standard dialogue boxes.

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