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3D plane trim
Cutting 3D objects with a plane

Having trouble to find your pattern?

Do you need to make a development of a cylindrical [it could be also conical, elliptic, or any transition] tank, cut by a plane to get an oblique base? Again, most sheet metal programs have extensive libraries for such patterns, but you are still tied up to the available ones. But in new version 2.0 you can make this with just some clicks.

Generally such patterns are defined with a dialogue. But sometimes it is easier to have it drawn as a transition [or cylinder] and cut it afterwards. You need to click the 3D object and afterwards click the 3 points that define the cutting plane. Remember that such points shall not be coincident or aligned.

After starting the program, and picking the 3D object and defining the 3 valid points you get the cut 3D object and its development, and also the 3D cutting path. If you align it to the Z=0 plane you can get either the cover plate or the bottom plate [for example, of a tank].

Note: This pattern does not work with AutoCAD 3D solids.

Selecting an object to 3D Plane TRIM

3D object trimmed with a plane,
and its developement and contour.

As easy as making 4 clicks [1 for the 3D object and 3 for the plane-defining points].

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