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Sheet metal add-ons for AutoCAD, GStarCAD, ZwCAD and BricsCAD


LITIO 2.0 sheet metal for AutoCAD, GStarCAD, ZwCAD & BricsCAD

Do you need to manufacture sheet metal parts and patterns, like:

LITIO 2.0 sheet metal for AutoCAD and GStarCAD, ZwCAD & BricsCAD [and cadmate]
create your developments of ducts [round, square, rectangle, polygonal, ellipse], 
transitions [rectangle to round, ellipse to round, and customized transitions], 
cones, pipe intersections, connections, Ys, elbows, bends, taper bends, fittings, etc.

LITIO 2.0 is a sheet metal add-on for AutoCAD, GStarCAD, ZwCAD & BricsCAD [and cadmate] that calculates and draws the flat sheet development of ducts, rectangle-to-round transitions, cylinders, cones, pipe intersections, connections, Ys, elbows, etc.

Introducing advantages

  • CAD independent: you the CAD platform of your choice. And you can be CAD-free too: all patterns are calculated and drawn online. Just download the DXF of your pattern and work with it:
    • send it to a laser-cut supplier;
    • upload the file into your CAM cutting machine;
    • plot the file to scale for manual cutting.
  • Equipment independent: you can access the tool on:
    • your computer;
    • a tablet;
    • your cellphone;
    • any device.
    • you only need your loggin name and user password.
  • Affordability: Some patterns are free for registered users; we have affordable license packages for you.

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LITIO 2.0 is listed...

  • at AutoDESK's Official Applications page,
  • at GStarCAD's Applications page,
  • at ZwCAD's Applications page, AND
  • at BricsCAD's Applications page.

  • Testimonial:

    I think LITIO2 is an outstanding product. It is perfect for the jobs I do. It is well worth the money. I think this is the best buy I have ever made as far as programs go. I would recommend it to everyone. Dean Rodriguez
    Presidio, TX - USA

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